The Creator

From the historic heart of Central Europe, circa 1870, emerges „The Creator“ desk, a testament to the Louis Philippe style within the illustrious Fallen Eclipse series. Standing proudly at 79cm in height, 98cm in width, and 64cm in depth, it beckons with an air of timeless sophistication.

This desk is not merely furniture; it’s a masterpiece. An NFC chip concealed beneath the logo whispers secrets from bygone eras. Unveiling a pull-out writing surface with a luxurious leather cover, it invites inspiration to flow. The intricacies continue with buttons adorned in mother-of-pearl inlay, each a stroke of artistic brilliance. Lockable and laden with history, „The Creator“ desk is a portal to an age when craftsmanship and creativity merged seamlessly.

The Gambler

In the heart of Central Europe, circa 1870, a gaming table emerged as a testament to the era’s historicism. Behold „The Gambler“ from the Artqey, a relic that transcends time. Standing at 73.5cm tall, 57.5cm wide, and 41.5cm deep, its craftsmanship echoes the grandeur of a bygone age.

The Fallen Eclipse series introduces this marvel, adorned with intricate details. Not merely a piece of furniture, it conceals a secret within its wood – an NFC chip beneath its emblem, whispering tales of mystery. With a deft touch, a hidden drawer reveals a separate card and poker chip holder. Unfolding like a clandestine affair, a high-quality fabric play area materializes, inviting the initiated to partake in games of chance. Secure in its secrets, „The Gambler“ is not just a table; it’s a portal to an age when risk and reward danced in the shadows.

The Charming

Steeped in the opulent history of Central Europe around 1860, „The Charming“ dressing table emerges as a beacon of the Louis Philippe style within the revered Fallen Eclipse series. Standing at an imposing 153cm in height, with a width of 50cm and depth of 36cm, it commands attention with an air of sophistication.

This isn’t merely a dressing table; it’s an experience. A discreet NFC chip beneath the emblem weaves tales of elegance into its very fibers. The height-adjustable, swiveling mirror reflects the grace of a bygone era, while a high-quality brass candle holder adds a touch of timeless luxury. „The Charming“ stands not just as furniture but as an exceptional testament to an age where every detail exuded charm.

The Actor

Hailing from the artistic heart of Central Europe around 1910, „The Actor“ steals the spotlight in the Fallen Eclipse series. A showcase of Art Nouveau elegance, standing at 36cm in height, 33.5cm in width, and 19.5cm in depth, it beckons admirers into a world of timeless allure.

Beyond its mere dimensions, this showcase is a symphony of uniqueness, its facet-cut design rendering it an enigmatic masterpiece. A clandestine NFC chip beneath the logo invites interaction, a secret whispered through the ages. With an intermediate floor, wall suspension, and a mysterious lockable aura, „The Actor“ isn’t just a display; it’s a performance, a piece that entices with both form and the secrets it guards.

The Collector

From the storied annals of Central Europe around 1860, „The Collector“ half cabinet emerges as a captivating relic embodying the Louis Philippe style, nestled within the esteemed Fallen Eclipse series. With unassuming dimensions—82cm in height, 63.5cm in width, and 34cm in depth—it transcends mere furniture, inviting all on a captivating journey through time.

Infused with a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation, this half cabinet guards a clandestine secret within its wooden confines—a discreet NFC chip beneath the emblem, murmuring tales of bygone eras. Its enchantment surpasses aesthetics, unveiling a spacious, lockable interior, an unexplored trove of treasures. „The Collector“ beckons to those enamored with history’s beauty, urging them to unlock its concealed mysteries.

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