First collection - Fallen Eclipse

Our first collection, „Fallen Eclipse“, combines two centuries of traditional German craftsmanship with the latest blockchain technology. We collect antique Furniture that is restored by master carpenters in our workshop. These antiques were originally made 150-200 years ago, long before the existence of the Internet, automated production lines, and even electricity. Today they are given new life by transforming them into contemporary rarities with a unique, tokenized identity. Like a metamorphosis, they change in the hands of the artisan – They take on a new character as their story continues.

As an Artqey owner in these handcrafted masterpieces, you can imagine the future History of these pieces that has yet to be written. Your physical piece of furniture corresponds to a unique piece of digital art. The intersection of revolutionary technology and historic craftsmanship combines over one hundred years of history in a groundbreaking furniture Collection. Each piece of furniture is digitally rendered in 3D on the Ethereum blockchain. The 3D model is inserted into an equally elaborately rendered backdrop and finally encoded as an NFT.