Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a completely new type of digital asset. NFTs are unique, tradable and usable for various applications. In contrast to physical goods, they are equipped with all the programmability of digital goods. Crypto assets are intangible digital assets. They exist, for example, because of the property records kept on the Ethereum network. Any transfer of ownership that could take place on a single digital asset then occurs in the decentralized ledger within the Ethereum platform.

Each NFT has its individual price.

The first collection „Fallen Eclipse“ consists of five unique NFTs that can all be purchased.

Yes. On any compatible marketplace.

You need a wallet with the appropriate amount of ETH to be able to buy our NFTs on

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Gas in crypto refers to the computational effort required to execute operations. You must pay a gas fee in order to make a transaction or execute a smart contract on Ethereum. Regardless of the wallet you use, you will always need to pay for gas when executing transactions.

Will there be more collections?

OpenSea represents a marketplace for digital assets, such as NFTs in particular, based on different blockchains, such as the Ethereum blockchain, which is intended to enable consumers to freely trade their assets.

In order to receive 2% royalties for an NFT for life, you have to buy an ARTQEY Utility NFT on the primary market. That means being the first person ever. 

With the first collection „Fallen Eclipse“, as a first-time buyer you even get 5% royalties forever!