Most smartphones are equipped with an NFC chip. NFC stands for „Near Field Communication“ and means the contactless data transmission between two devices over a short distance. NFC technology is very often used for contactless payments with credit cards or NFC smartphones.

All of our furniture has an NFC chip built into the wood. This is always under the „Q“ logo. You can scan the chip with your smartphone and receive information about the piece of furniture and the collection.

Our furniture is all European antiques. These are obtained from our experts from various sources.

All of our furniture is antiques, i.e. at least 100 years old. Most of them are even much older. Up to 160 years. Even older pieces may be included in future collections.

Yes. Our furniture is appraised by experts.

Our furniture is restored to the highest standard. Our partner Stefan Schowalter specializes in antique restorations of all kinds and meets the highest demands:

As soon as an NFT is redeemed, it can be picked up in our studio. However, these can also be sent insured worldwide for a fee. Otherwise they will be safely stored with us.

The furniture is insured and stored in our studio in Germany.

We work together with the talented team of renderstudios® from Cologne.